1 Man 2 Hands™

Adamant Labor: for those do it yourselfers who just need a little help

Let me help you out!

My primary services: (commercial/residential)

Cleaning (move-in/ move-out)
Driver (vehicle driveaway transport)
Eviction (REO Representative)
Junk Removal (curbside eviction)
Furniture Assembly
In-House Moving

If you know what you want to do, and when you need it done; just book me, tell me when, where and description of your task (give me at least 48 hours to a weeks notice), and let me handle the rest.

A crew of professionals catered to your needs is available WHEN YOU PLAN IN ADVANCE.

Sorry, I do not accept cash, checks, or money orders. I am "PayPal Verified" for a bilateral contract agreement. I also accept BitCoin, BitGold & Karatbars for your bartering convenience.

I am extremely wary of distant buyers responding to my ad! I have received replies from scammers hoping to defraud me through schemes involving (counterfeit) cash, cashier's checks and/or wire transfers. Fake cashier's checks often clear funds, but banks hold Lovell D'Andre Love™ responsible for cashing the check when the fraud is discovered.

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